We’re happy to visit you at home or on site & to provide you
with a NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION & discuss your project / requirements

•  CORE Construction is a dedicated company having all the necessary expertise and qualified personnel in ensuring high standards of construction are provided at great value.

•  We ensure our clients expectations are met together with projects being completed within agreed timescales.

•  We can offer a full construction package from concept of a proposal right through to completion of building work.

•  Our workforce of dedicated professionals are widely experienced in all aspects of the construction industry enabling us to provide a variety of packages tailored specifically for our clients.

•  Our in-house design division and site management team ensure all projects run smoothly.

•  All our work is subject to industry approved contractual agreements providing peace of mind and security to our clients. Agreements clearly defines work to be undertaken within specific timescales at agreed costs.

•  Reputable team of directors with extensive knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry.

•  All our projects are managed by our team of qualified building professionals.

•  We pride ourselves with in-depth knowledge and experience in masonry, carpentry, architecture and surveying.

•  We are extremely conscious of both our social and environmental responsibilities throughout construction projects.